My favorite job has been the privilege of staying home with my three children for over 20 years while living in Normal IL. But when that time was coming to a end  I had to try and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I taught developmental psychology classes at the community college. It was here that I happen to take a couple of photography classes and fell in love.

I've been a portrait photographer for over 10 years.  But my love is wildlife photography. The peace and quietness in being in nature revives my spirit. 




My husband Bruce and I have raised three wonderful young adults. One is a CPA in Chicago. Another is a golf instructor in Manhattan. And the youngest is a travel expert for Audley in Boston.

Even as a master photographer, I'm just like everyone else.  When it comes to getting my family all together for a a formal family portrait, we'd all rather go to a cub game. LOL.


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